Elena Holodovskaya's new album "All There Was".

The album contains a collection of Russian classics of the 1920-s, called "Romances"

The following selections are included:

Cries of The Wind (D. Michailov, M. Pugachev)
He is Gone (S. Donaurov, words - anonymous)
Two Guitars (I. Vassilyev, A. Grigoriev)
Only Once We Meet (B. Fomin, P. German)
Honey Dew (V. Kruchinin, K. Podgorevsky)
He is to Blame (Words & music by M. Perrote)
Take Me Away (L. Yuriev, B. Andreevsky)
Do Not Awaken Memories (P. Bulakhov, words by N.N.)
Cups (Traditional Gypsy song)
As Days Go By (S. Pokrass, P. German)
No, He Never Loved (L. Guerchik, adapted by M. Medvedev)
All There Was (Y. Davidov, P. German)
Two Roses (S. Pokrass, A. D'Aktille)
Hold Your Horses (J. Feldman, N. Ritter)
Two Stallions (Words & music by V. B., arranged by J. Prigozhy)


The album is a result of creative cooperation between Elena and the guitar virtuoso Sergey Taranov.

Recorded at P-Machine Studio, Los Angeles, 1999.
Engineered by Rouslan Valonen.
Album design by Michael Gondarenko, Louchia Tchoukhri