Elena Holodovskaya was born and raised in Moscow Russia.

Since early childhood she expressed interest in music and showed signs of a potentially beautiful and rare voice. Her parents decided to nurture the musician in her and exposed her to the study of musical history, piano and vocal. 

In the later years she attended a music academy, from which she graduated with honors and a beautifully developed powerful voice. Although her professors urged her to pursue a career in singing, she decided to broaden her education and explore other options as she went on to receive a degree in engineering.

But her true passion never left her, as she continued to work on her vocal, singing still remains a big part of her life. Her favorite genre was always the romance of the 1920. So it is no surprise that now years later, she has finally recorded an album that contains a treasured collection of the distinguished melodies and soulful lyrics of her beloved tunes of the 1920-s. 

This album is the first of it's kind. It's beautiful music carries the very essence of Russian culture and soul.  These songs are a never dying tradition of human expression that tells stories of love passion and betrayal. "All There Was" is a superb collection of music that awakens memories in those who were fortunate enough to grow up with it and introduces those who didn't to a genuinely beautiful part of Russian culture that is at the very core of a Russian heart.

Maria Zheveleva

Photo: R. Valonen

Photo: R. Valonen