Those of us who live in the United States often feel nostalgia and miss our homeland. That is why it is so wonderful to sometimes stumble onto something that will feel so much like home, awaken so many memories and nurture that part of our soul that is always thousands of miles across the ocean in the place we were born. 

Elena has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, she is an artist and she paints the songs she sings in vivid colors, she makes them come alive and tug at the strings of the heart. Her voice takes us home, like a cool breeze and reminds us of the past, of the present and of what we have left behind. 

It is a true wonder how much feeling the performer can bring to the song and how much life the song can bring to the listener.

Gregoriy Zlotin
Translated by Maria Zheveleva

"Mesmerizing performance"

"the most beautiful voice I have ever heard"

"When she sings, magic happens"

"Voice from the depth of the heart"

"It's an awakening"

"Tugs at the strings of the heart"


Photos: Pascal Mermoz

I always loved romances, they are beautiful, they are a part of who weare. 

I am fortunate to be Elena's friend because on occasion we get private performances at such gatherings as holidays and simple get togethers. 

She has a beautiful, powerful voice and it is always a pleasure to hear her sing such familiar and dear to us melodies and words, it is a gift, and everybody enjoys it enormously.

I have known her for years and at first she was reluctant to perform, but now she has finally decided to not only perform and give concerts but make an album, which truly a privilege in my mind and in the opinion of everybody who has every heard her, because, everybody should get the opportunity to hear her sing, not just friends and family, she has too rare a talent to keep it for private use only. Her performance is gripping from beginning to the end, it absorbs and fascinates the audience. 

Her voice is spellbinding and magical. It's a delight to hear her perform.

Irina Petuhova
Translated by Maria Zheveleva


Photos: Pascal Mermoz

I didn't know much about Russian culture, until once one of my Russian friend convinced me to go to Elena's concert. She told me that I would have a good time and familiarize myself with a beautiful aspect of the culture.

So I went, and I must say it was a wonderful experience, I am so glad my friend talked me into it, because it was great.

Elena has one of the most beautiful soulful voices I have ever heard, it was very exciting, although I didn't understand the words, the melody and the feeling with which she sang told a story all on it's own. 

It was just beautiful, and I would go again any time, I feel that it would be a great experience for anyone to hear her sing, because she has a rare talent, and gives a stunning performance, that I definitely won't forget.

I think I really became one of her biggest fans, and now that the album came out, I of course purchased it right away and enjoy a private performance any time I please, which is very handy. 

Enough said I simply loved the concert, I love the CD and I think if you have an opportunity to see her perform live, you should most definitely take advantage of it, because it is a wonderful enriching experience.

Judy Kutler.


Photos: Pascal Mermoz

When I was asked to write this opinion, I thought about how hard it will be for me to express exactly how I feel about Elena's singing and not seem like I am exaggerating. But in fact I absolutely love it, it's magical,she sings with so much passion and life, and her voice is so unique and beautiful, she is a real singer, we don't get to see those too often now with all the Brittney Spears running around getting record contracts. 

She captures the audience, with the good old fashioned singing, no unnecessary distractions, just beautiful pure sound of her voice. It's such a refreshing experience, it gives the listener utter satisfaction, It's a real concert, just the singer and the music in perfect harmony with each other. 

She has a great voice, which she controls masterfully. This woman can sing and capture the audience with just that, no unnecessary costumes or complicated choreography, she mesmerizes the listener, and the sound of her voice entersevery corner of ones soul, that is why people who get to experience her singing get hooked. 

Anybody who appreciates great singing, a masterful performance and music so passionate and forceful that it will consume you from the beginning to the end should hear Elena's performance, she has a rare gift, and I feel fortunate that she is sharing it with us.

Robert Green.


Photo: Pascal Mermoz